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The correct choice and wearing method of masks

The correct choice and wearing method of masks
1. Is wearing a mask really useful?
it works! But wearing a mask and frequent hand washing must be done at the same time, both are indispensable.
2. Recommendations for the types and uses of masks: N95 (with or without breathing valve) and surgical masks.
From the design, according to the wearer's own protective ability ranking (from high to low): N95 mask>surgical mask>common medical mask>common cotton mask. Virus carriers should use N95 masks without breathing valves.
3. How should the mask be used?
Wash your hands before wearing, close to your face, wash out the colored side, and the metal strip on top.
4. How to deal with used masks?
Answer: The mask cannot be shared. If it is damaged and soiled, and it is difficult to breathe after wearing it, you need to replace it with a new mask. Throw away the used bag and wash your hands or disinfect immediately.
5. Is N95 disposable? Can I reuse it?
Answer: Not recommended, but if necessary, store in a clean, ventilated container (such as a clean paper bag) after confirming that there is no contamination; to minimize cross-contamination.
6. How effective are PM2.5 masks? Can they be used to prevent virus infection?
Answer: "PM2.5 masks" are not rigorous. For specific analysis of different haze masks, please check the product specifications carefully.
7. Will the mask expire?
Answer: Most disposable N95 respirators have a shelf life, which is related to storage conditions.