Protective Masks

Medical China protective masks are made of one or more fabrics that have isolation effects on viral aerosols, virus-containing liquids, and so on. Under the respiratory airflow, it still has a barrier effect on viral aerosols, virus-containing liquids, etc., and when removed, the outer surface of the mask does not contact the human body, and can filter particulates in the air to block droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. . The use of medical masks includes adhesion testing, training, model selection, medical treatment and maintenance.


Material composition of protective masks: The surface layer is cotton-polyester blended fabric, the second layer is 30g meltblown fabric, the third layer is 45g hot air cotton, the fourth layer is blended cotton gauze, and the inner layer is gauze inner pocket.


Medical protective masks are better protective products. They are recommended to be worn when there is severe environmental pollution or sudden medical infectious diseases (such as respiratory tract infectious diseases), to prevent the transmission of viruses from patients or the environment to users.

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