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What are the hazards of using disposable masks for more than 8 hours?


The Guidelines for Wearing Masks in the Public Sciencehave clearly stated that disposable medical masks and medical surgical masks are limited-use, with a total of no more than 8 hours. Occupational exposure (doctors, testing personnel, etc.) personnel use masks for no more than 4 hours, and cannot be reused.

So what are the hazards of wearing a mask for a long time?

1. Marks on the face

It is believed that many people have seen distressing scars on their faces after wearing protective masks and masks for a long time during the epidemic. Of course, this kind of strangulation itself will not cause too much harm to people, and it can be restored after a period of time. But wearing a mask for a long time will make people feel uncomfortable, especially on both sides of the ear.


2. The state of the skin surface imbalance

Wearing a mask for a long time, due to our continuous breathing, the temperature and humidity in the mask will rise, and it will also help the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which will lead to the imbalance of the surface layer of the facial skin and prone to acne. For people who love beauty, this is difficult to accept, so it is best not to wear disposable medical masks for more than 8 hours a day.

3. Skin likes oil

Especially for oily skin, wearing a mask for a long time is more likely to cause oil on the skin. If the skin is too greasy, it can cause acne easily.