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What should I do if I don't breathe smoothly while wearing a mask?


Wu Haojie, a nurse in the emergency department of the Chongqing Emergency Medical Center, said that many citizens have recently reported that wearing a mask for a long time causes breathlessness, which can be relieved by abdominal breathing: "If wearing a mask for a long time causes breathlessness, you can find a relatively sparsely populated person. Place abdominal breathing exercises, because abdominal breathing can adjust breathing and relieve anxiety, so it is generally effective to relieve physical discomfort more times." How to practice abdominal breathing?


After wearing a mask, first inhale slowly with your nose, gently put your hands or one hand on the abdomen. When inhaling, relax the abdomen, so that the abdomen of the place where the hand is placed gradually swells out. Do not stop at this time, continue to inhale hard until you feel the abdomen bulge ; Then hold the breath for 4 seconds, feel the tension of the body, and then slowly exhale the breath, the hand can be slightly upward, press inward to raise the diaphragm muscles, and promote the exhaust of gas, exhale slowly and long, and do not interrupt, Until the abdomen is contracted and recessed.