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How many inspections are needed to produce a medical mask?

A sudden epidemic has made masks a necessity, and the quality of masks has also become a hot spot of public concern. What testing does a qualified mask need?

Medical masks are different from civilian masks due to their professional use. One of them is synthetic blood penetration test.

During the inspection process, the mask must not be wrinkled to ensure that it is a single-layer material. Take the center of the sample as the target area, and test the mask samples with the liquid injection pressures corresponding to 450 cm per second, 550 cm per second, and 635 cm per second respectively, record the test results of each spray speed, and compare the national standards. Draw the conclusion of this test.

The flame retardant performance test is also a mandatory item for medical masks. In the test, the head mold wearing the mask was swept through a flame with a height of 40 mm and an outer flame temperature of about 800°C at a speed of 60 mm/s. The outer surface of the mask was slightly rolled up due to the fire.

Qualified medical masks should have flame-retardant properties, and under the specified laboratory conditions, the continuous burning time of the fabric after the flame is removed does not exceed 5 seconds, which means that its continuous burning time is very short. Unqualified masks can produce a large flame in severe cases, and the burning time will exceed 5 seconds.