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How many masks should Canadian elementary school students use in a day at school?


Students in elementary and middle schools in most parts of Canada have started to go to school. This is the first time students have stepped onto campus since the pneumonia epidemic has raged in half a year. However, the students and teachers came back wearing masks. What kind of mask to wear, how to wear a mask, and how long a mask can last have become the concerns of parents of students with underage children.


The consensus among Canadian infectious disease experts is that multi-pronged epidemic prevention measures should be taken to deal with viral pneumonia. In the absence of effective vaccines, it is necessary to maintain social distance, wash hands frequently, wear masks, maintain good indoor ventilation, and restrict. There are various measures such as the number of people in the assembly, and it is not just about wearing masks to prevent epidemics.


How many masks should parents prepare for their children in school every day? Experts cannot give specific numbers on this issue, because there are too many factors and variables that affect the effective use time of masks. Experts believe that although there is no need to change the mask at a fixed time every day, the mask should be replaced if it is found to be wet, damaged, or if someone sneezes at close range.


Therefore, parents should prepare at least one spare mask for their children every day. If wearing a mask is to be effective for epidemic prevention, it is important to wash your hands before wearing the mask and after removing the mask; to use the mask again after removing it, place the mask on a clean paper towel or fold it up In a clean plastic bag.


At present, some provinces in Canada indicate that they will provide two masks per student per day, and some provinces have a policy to only provide masks for students who do not have masks.