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Medical masks are safer than ordinary masks? Go to the production workshop to find out


As the epidemic prevention and control enters the normalization stage, it has become a habit to wear masks when going out. In particular, disposable medical masks are favored by everyone for their light, thin, breathable and high safety characteristics. So how to distinguish between medical masks and ordinary masks? How to control the quality and safety of mask production? The editor followed to a certain mask production workshop.


Step by step inspection according to the production process


The on-site inspection process of medical device manufacturers generally follows the product production process inspection, that is, starting from raw material procurement, warehouse management, and then entering the production process, including cover molding, ear band welding, inner packaging, outer packaging, and sterilization. In this process It also includes online inspection, and finally the final inspection and the release of finished products.

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Strong cleaning, ensuring the cleanliness of the production environment in all aspects

Before entering the 100,000-class dust-free workshop, you must first register, take off your accessories and take off your outer shoes, and then you can change the room. Take off his coat and wash his hands before entering the second watch room. Wear a mask and a clean cap, put on shoe covers, one-piece clean clothes, and sterile shoes, wash your hands again, disinfect, and dry, and let the air shower in the air shower for 10 seconds before entering the clean room. Zhang Yang said that during the inspection process, attention will also be paid to whether the production personnel's wear meets the requirements.


Pay attention to details to ensure the quality of each medical mask

In the production process, first inspection, such as load-bearing test, requires that each side of the ear rope must withstand a pull of 1 kg for at least 5 seconds. After that, the finished product will be inspected, and the bearing capacity of the ear rope can be measured more accurately in the machine.After the production of the medical mask is completed, it must be sealed. There are detailed requirements for sealing temperature, cross-sectional area, etc. After sealing, place it to cool down, and then check whether it is properly sealed.