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4 Canadian Planes Come to China to Pick Up Chinese Masks

2020-04-24 Source:Internet


Take Canada as an example. Earlier, the United States restricted US companies from exporting 3M masks to Canada. Immediately afterwards, Canada announced that it would receive millions of medical masks from China. They also leased a warehouse in China to collect epidemic prevention materials as soon as possible, distribute them to various channels, and finally transport them back to Canada.

This also shows from the side that medical supplies in many countries around the world are still in short supply and cannot be self-sufficient. For purchasing related goods in China and picking up the goods themselves, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Freeland said on April 22 that this process is "like the Wild West". According to Politico reports, the Canadian Federation has set aside a maximum of 250 million Canadian dollars (about 1.25 billion yuan) of funds for rapid payment before other buyers, snapping up masks and other medical materials. This shows that Canada attaches great importance to medical supplies such as Chinese masks.

According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, as of April 4, 54 countries and regions, 3 international organizations and Chinese companies have signed commercial procurement contracts for medical supplies, and 74 countries and 10 international organizations are developing with Chinese companies. Business negotiation.

It is worth noting that buyers and related aircraft from many countries such as the United Kingdom, Russia, Estonia, Algeria, and the United States have recently launched a mode of home delivery of Chinese medical masks and other medical supplies.