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Mask cleaning and disinfection


Medical standard protective masks cannot be cleaned. Spraying disinfectants, including medical alcohol, will reduce the protection efficiency. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use alcohol spray to disinfect masks, nor to use heating and other methods for disinfection; cotton masks can be cleaned and disinfected, and other non-medical masks are handled according to the instructions.


Experts suggest that whether you are going to a hospital or visiting a patient, all masks used in medical institutions should be directly put into the medical waste garbage bag. As medical waste, these masks will be centrally disposed of by professional treatment institutions. For people who are suspected of suffering from infectious diseases, they should hand over the used masks to the corresponding staff for treatment as medical waste during medical treatment or investigation and disposal. For ordinary people, because the risk is low, used masks can be thrown directly into the trash can. After handling the mask, remember to wash your hands carefully.