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What should I do if the mask is stuffy?


The weather is getting hot day by day, and the normalization of epidemic prevention and control reminds us that we must insist on wearing masks scientifically in public places where many outsiders gather. However, many friends found that in the hot summer, in addition to feeling hot, there were many small acne around the nose and mouth, itching and pain, what should I do?


1. Select qualified medical or civilian masks produced by regular manufacturers.


The components of inferior masks are unknown, and they are likely to contain harmful ingredients that cause allergies. In addition, some friends' facial skin is already sensitive. After exposure to these substances, itching, tingling, local fever and other symptoms in the mask area are easy to occur, and then skin flushing , Redness, erythema papules, and blisters in severe cases.


In this case, the mask should be replaced as soon as possible. Patients with mild symptoms will usually improve on their own after two days. Oral or external anti-allergic drugs can also be used under the guidance of a doctor.


2. The mask should not be worn for too long.


After wearing the mask for 3-4 hours, you can choose a safe and ventilated place to remove the mask and let our skin breathe in fresh air. Now that the weather is hot, a lot of sweat will be discharged through the skin. Wearing a mask will form a more closed space on the face, so that the water vapor cannot be discharged in time. Long-term skin contact with water vapor can cause excessive water content in the stratum corneum and weaken the normal barrier function. Some viruses, bacteria, and irritating substances will take advantage of this and hurt our skin.