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Why is it dangerous to wear a mask to exercise?


Wearing a mask will increase the resistance to airflow, making it difficult for people to inhale the amount of air needed at the highest exercise level. At the same time, exercise will make people breathe faster and more quickly, so wearing a mask during exercise will further squeeze the airflow. In low-intensity to moderate-intensity exercise, wearing a mask will make you feel a bit difficult, but you can still walk comfortably. In vigorous sports (such as football or football), the difficulty of inhaling air at a speed of 40-100 liters per minute will become greater.

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When we exercise vigorously, our muscles produce lactic acid, which causes a burning sensation. Then lactic acid is converted into carbon dioxide and exhaled. But what happens if carbon dioxide is blocked by a mask? When we switch from moderate exercise to vigorous exercise, we may inhale carbon dioxide again, and this will reduce cognitive function and increase respiratory rate. In addition, the oxygen we inhale may also be reduced, resulting in an effect similar to exercise in high altitude areas. Therefore, we must better understand the limitations of wearing masks for strenuous exercise.


When the gym and sports club plan to restart, prudent epidemic prevention measures are necessary, such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and maintaining social distance. However, it is not recommended to wear masks during vigorous exercise.