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Can the mask be washed and reused?


Whether the mask can be used again after cleaning can not be generalized, mainly related to factors such as the type of mask. The types of masks are complex and diverse. Common types include medical masks, particulate protective masks, and comfortable warm masks. In general, except for comfortable warm masks, other types of masks cannot be cleaned and used again. Neither disposable medical masks nor particle protection masks can be washed with water; otherwise, the filter material and the mask structure in the mask will be damaged, and the particles cannot be blocked. So how to clean the mask that can be used after cleaning? Taking a comfortable warm mask, such as a cotton mask, you first need to soak the mask with boiling water and then use soap or laundry detergent to clean it.

During the cleaning process, gently rub the mask. Do not use too much force to avoid loosening the mask cloth and reduce the effect of the mask. After washing, rinse the soap or laundry liquid on the mask. When drying the cotton mask, It should be dried in the sun and well ventilated, so as to play the role of disinfection and sterilization. It should be noted that such masks should not be cleaned frequently, otherwise the gap of the dust-proof fabric will become larger, the dust-proof effect will be reduced, and the warming effect will also be poor. In addition, disposable surgical masks and some professional protective particulate masks such as N95 masks can be used for the prevention of respiratory diseases, such as the prevention of new coronavirus pneumonia. As long as you are careful not to clean it during use, you should replace it in time when you need to replace it, and master the correct wearing method. It can play a preventive role.